“Zee-Togt van Kapiteyn Charles Leig, gedaan na Gujana…..en des selfs Volk-plantinge aldaar begonnen, misgaders de ongelukkige Reyse van het Schip de Olijf-bloeysem, tot des selfs onderstand derwaards gesonden in het Jaar 1604”.


When the first work in which Suriname plays a key role is published there is no permanent colonisation. In 1604 and 1608 the English make the first attempts to form a permanent settlement. Like in so many cases, we know of these travels because they have been published in books. In the Buku collection the Dutch translations of these publications, published a hundred years later, can be found. In 1707, Naaukeurige versameling der gedenk-waardigste Reysen naar Oost en West-Indien is published by Pieter van der Aa, bookseller inLeiden. In this collection of travel adventures a number of the earliest travel books to the Guianas. The story of captain Charles Leig is one of them.