De menschetende aanbidders der zonneslang. F.P. Penard en A.P. Penard, Paramaribo, Heyde, 1907 /1908.

These two volumes are bound in splendid contemporary red half  calf leather binding  with gilt lettering and decoration. Inside superb marmered plates. The books were  normally issued with paper covers.  This copy has been bound privately (probably by the brothers for a special occasion). This book deals with the history, ethnology of the Amerindians of Suriname.


The Penard brothers , Frederik Paul Penard (1876-1909) and  Arthur Philip Penard (1880-1932), belonged to a rich Jewish family in Suriname. Their father made a fortune in trading wood. As a child the brothers often accompanied their father on trips in the jungles of Suriname. They started collecting ornitological  en etnografical material. Both brothers fell victim to leprosy. They became blind.  Still they finished their two volumes De vogels van Guyana – The birds of Guyana – (1908-1910) and their study on the Amerindians in Suriname.