Neueste Nachrichten von Surinam. Als Handbuch für Reisende und Beytrag zur Länderkunde.  J.F. Ludwig.  Jena: M. Philip Friedrich Binder, 1789.

A rare non-fiction book on Suriname of which to my knowledge only two copies are held in private collections. The first time I came across this book was in 2002 in Brackenheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany). I was invited by dr Monika Firla and her husband dr. Herman Forkl to attend an exhibition of old and rare books written by authors who were born in Brackenheim: “Autoren der Gesamtstadt Brackenheim aus 5 Jahrhunderten”. Philip Friedrich Binder was a minister (pfarrer) in Haberschlacht and Zaberfeld. From what we know now Binder was most likely the author of this book. The exhibition took place in the foyer of the Volksbank Brackenheim-Gueglingen. I happened to live in Stuttgart  at that time. It was hard to look at this book, locked away, behind glass.


For many reasons this book is important. At the same time it is surrounded by mysteries.

More info to follow