Korte en Zakelyke Beschryvinge van de Colonie van Zuriname……. Door de Heer Thomas Pistorius, lit van de Edele Achtbaare Raad van Policie en Crimineele Justitie op de Colonie van Zuriname, Amsterdam, 1763.

Pistorius described life in Suriname the way he saw it in 1763. He drew us a picture of the plantations, the slaves, the flora and the fauna. Also he describes in detail the assassination of governor Van Sommelsdijk and commander Verboom in 1688. Elmer Kolfin made clearf that Pistorius books shows the first picture of fieldslaves at work. African slaves were already working over a hundred years on the sugar cane-plantations in Suriname. We also see for the first time a basja (bastiaan) holding up a whip.

(Sabin 63032; Van Doorne/Van Kempen 5215; Kolfin p.37f; Tiele 876)

This copy was purchased in the ’90’s form Antiquariaat Kok in Amsterdam. Mr. Kok told me that he found this book in South-Africa. Books sometimes do travel.