The adventures of Dick Boldhero in search of his uncle, or, Dangers and difficulties overcome. Samuel G. Goodrich.  Edited by Peter Parley.London : Darton and Co. [ca. 1845]




Samuel Griswold Goodrich (1793 – 1860) was an American author who used the name Peter Parley often as a pseudonym. From 1816 to 1822 he was a bookseller and publisher in Hartford. In 1827 he started a series of books for the young  which embraced geography, biography, history, science and miscellaneous tales.

In the adventures of Dick Boldhero the main character describes how he ended up in Suriname:
“Being  now about seventeen years old, and having the reputation of being a pretty good sailor, I was offered a berth on board a vessel that was going to Surinam, a Dutch settlement in South America. This I accepted, not only because the pay was liberal, but I had a vague notion that I might there hear something of my uncle Ben; for we had always understood that when he left St. Domingo he sailed for that place. My mother seemed always to have a kind of faith that he was alive, and she hoped I might hear of him at Surinam.” (chapter II)