Geschiedenis der kolonie Suriname. Geheel op nieuw samengesteld door een gezelschap van geleerde Joodsche mannen aldaar.  Amsterdam – Harlingen:  AllartVan der Plaats, 1791.

It has been said before : the history of Suriname is European history and cannot be separated of the larger world history. This applies for example to the African, Chinese and indian diaspora. They have changed Suriname in a drastic way. Suriname was permanent a colony of the Netherlands since the Peace of Breda in  1667. Before that the Jewish diaspora already has reached Suriname. When the Dutch around 1654 were trown out of Pernambuco, Brazil,  many Portuguese Jews (Sefardics) escaped to Amsterdam. A large group Jews established under the guidance of David Cohen Nassy (Lisbon 1612 – Paramaribo 1685) in 1664 a colony in Cayenne. They could however not set up a Jewish settlemnet. For this reason they left for Suriname. On Jewish Savanna a large Jewish settlement arose. Here the first synagogue of the New World was built. Of this wooden building nothing remained. The Portuguese Jews brought their knowledge and expertise to Suriname and set up sugar plantations. From the English authorities they received privileges. They were free in their religious rituals and rites and had their own jurisdiction. Those privileges were later ratified by the Dutch. The first stones synagogue in Surinam, Beracha Ve Salom (blessing & Peace), was established in 1685.

2 parts in 1 vol., (2),203,(1); 160p., fold. engr. map (of Java), fold. table, 19th century clothbacked gilt boards.  David de Isaac Cohen Nassy. Doo= WITH at the end a rare map “Kaart van het eiland Groot Java”, not present in the copies that we traced (we could not establish whether the map forms part of the original work).

Van Doorne/ Van Kempen 4676; cf. Suriname cat. UBA 2199; not in Sabin. The very rare first Dutch translation of the originally French Essai historique sur la Colonie de Surinam (1788), published without Nassy’s knowledge. On this learned and colourful man NNBW VI, p.1056-1058: “Hij was een der grootste Joden der 18de eeuw en de eerste schrijver van een geschiedenis der Joden in Amerika.”