Memoires de Malouet: Publiés par son petit fils le baron Malouet. Paris, Librairie académique Didier et Cie, 1868.
Pierre Victor Malouet was born in 1740 in Riom (Puy-de-Dôme), in the hart of France. He worked on the French embassy in Lisbon and as a commissioner in St. Domingo (1767-1774). In 1776 he was appointed in Cayenne with the task to organise the colonisation of French Guyana. Malouet is very important for the Bibliotheca Surinamica. In his  memoires he tells us extensively about his trip to Suriname toi discuss the problems that arise when runaway slave cross the Marowijne river. Interesting is that Malouet claims that the plantation owners in Suriname, with them cruelties, are the true causers of the chaos. But also the Dutch government is guilty because they refuse to protect the slaves against the irresponsible behavior of slave-owners.

Two volumes in-8 reliés demi basane framboise, dos lisse à long motifs dorés, titres et tomaisons dorés. Couvertures conservées.. Frontispice, titre, XXIX + 456 + 511 pages. Edition originale. Bel exemplaire, bien relié. Publiés par son petit fils le Baron MALOUET. Taine a écrit que Malouet était un des 4 hommes qui avaient le mieux compris le phénomène révolutionnaire, avec Mallet du Pan, Morris et Rivarol.

This edition was published one hundred years later by Malouets grandson Baron Malouet in 1868. The copy was acquired, not very far from the birthplace of  Malouet, in Aurillac in the province of Auvergne. The half leather binding is beautifully decorated. The ex-libris from Paul Cordier is interesting. Does anyone know more about this man and his library?