Histoire d’une franco-indienne, écrite par elle-même. (Anonymous). Paris:  Buisson, 1787.

Histoire d’une franco-indienne from 1787 is a book about divergent cultures meeting each other and the book is not a priori  pessimistic about such meeting.  Cécile and Sipparipabo live together many years.  Even we’d prefer a politically correct and optimistic end of the story…. It is particularly interesting that in this text for the first time the subject of interracial sexuality is seen from a female perspective. Cécile is of course no Caribbean narrator – she comes as `tourist’ .  That the author calls herself Franco-indienne a splendid example of the empathical observation. (from the oratio by prof. Michiel van Kempen held on June 8, 2007, University of Amsterdam – translation, ch)

This is a very rare book of which only three copies are known. There is one copy in the library of the Château d’Oron close to Lausanne in Switzerland and one in the Bibliothèque National in Paris. Buku purchased its copy from antiquarian bookseller Harteveld in Fribourg,  Switzerland, in 2001. If anyone has more information about other copies please let us know.