WULLSCHLÄGEL, H.R. Deutsch-Negerenglisches Wörterbuch. Nebst e. Anhang, (mit 707) Negerenglische Sprüchwörter (odo’s) enthaltend. Löbau, 1856.

Rare dictionary of German-Negro English, the lingua franca in Suriname (Dutch Guiana).  E. It also contains a list of 707 so-called odo’s (proverbs). Heinrich Rudolf Wullschlägel (1805- 1864) was a German missionary (Hernnhutter) at the Evangelischen Brüdergemeine in Suriname , botanist en linguist . He was eductaed in Niesky, Saxen (Germany). And studied theology in  Gnadenfeld, Silesia.

From 1844 to 1847 he lived on Antigua, from 1847-49 in Jamaica and during the years 1849-1855 in Paramaribo, Suriname. Overthere he was heading the missionary of the Unitas Fratrum – The Moravian Church. He collected botanical collections and wrote about the so-called ‘negro english’. This is a very early dictionary in Suriname. Simon Emmering published a facsimile edition.

This first edition in found only in a few private collection and libraries.

340 pp.  Half leather binding