STEDMAN, [JOHN GABRIEL],  Voyage de Stedman (Voyage à Surinam et dans l’intérieur de la Guyane). Traduit de M. Breton.  Paris/Amsterdam, J.E. Gabriel Dufour, 1806. 12mo. (III)+216 pp. With engr. frontisp. Hardcover. Contemp. half morocco, spine gilt. Bibliothèque géographique et instructive des jeunes gens, 5e année, tome 11e.

Interesting is the fact that this copy is not mentioned in Narrative of a Five Years Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam, by John Gabriel Stedman, edited and with an introduction and notes by Richard Price and Sally Price (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1988). Until recently I was not aware of the existence of this copy. We keep on learning every day.

A very good copy of a rare early French edition of Stedman’s Narrative. This copy has one plate (the well known Aboma-plate, also found in the Swedish edition).  I purchased this book recently at the antiquarian bookseller Charbo in Amsterdam.